Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Allison Lindsey- Chapter Summaries 20-23

Jonas refused to go home that night. How could he? Jonas and the Giver devised a plan to bring about the change they knew was needed. They would wait until the eve of the December celebrations and the Giver would order a car claiming he had official business to attend in another community. Hiding Jonas in the storage space in the car, Giver would help Jonas escape so the memories were forced upon the community members. This was the what happened. At breakfast the next morning Jonas' father told the family that Gabe was to be released the next morning and the HE had even voted for the release. Shocked and disgusted, Jonas knew he had to act or his sweet friend whom he had bonded over secretly passed he smemories would be gone forever. Jonas transmitted a soothing he had memory to Gabe so that while escaping he wouldn't alert anyone. Together the two embarked on a tiresome journey to Elsewhere, that he hoped existed. Travelling by night and sleeping by day the concept of time slipped as Jonas was unable to determine exactly how long they had been gone. The search planes were the scariest for the two. Jonas would send memories of cold to himself and Gabe so the heat sensors in the planes couldn't locate them. But the further he rode his father's stolen bicycle, the harder he had to work to pull the memories. This meant only one thing...the plan was working and the memories, which had been kept from the community were now being transfered to everyone. The palnes stopped searching for the two as time progressed and Jonas and Gabe experienced nature for the first time. They saw the wind blowing trees, they saw deer, and they saw birds! But harsher conditions soon began as winter approached. The two fugitives were constantly cold and hungry. A feeling neither had ever known before. The snow was relentless. It was bitter cold and Jonas had to dig deep within to pull forth memories of sunshine and warmth to send to the weak, starving, cold, uncomplaining child. After tiredly scaling a hill, Jonas reached for the rope of the sled he saw in his memories, he knew, somehow, and that it would be waiting for them. As the two settled on the sled and began their ride down Jonas saw lights. Christmas lights and love! He saw love and heard singing! Jonas knew that they had reached Elsewhere.

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  1. This book left me wanting more. I could not decide if Gabe and Jonas died, or, in fact did reach Elsewhere. I love this book.